Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Early tool makers: 1) W Staley, 2) HD Marples Hermitage works, 3)JB Addis

Early Tool makers

1) W Staley

This is a chisel gouge with a W Staley brand which I hadn't seen before

Found these references to W Staley in a thread on
"William Staley joined Kirjarth Maw(what a great name) to create Maw and Staley in about 1825 who made all kinds of edge tools. I have examples of these tools in blades, mortice chisels, and plough irons. I am interested in seeing an example of a saw with the two names on it, if there is such a thing. I have pictured here an example of a saw with just William Staley's name on it. Did Maw die in 1833 when William became the sole owner and are there examples of his other tools with only his name. It was later bought out in 1839 by Fenton and Marsden as per Roberts."

"William STALEY edge tool, joiners' tool and table knife manufacturer, steel refiner and merchant 50 Rockingham Street White's 1833"

2) HD Marples Hermitage works

Robert Marples owned Hermitage works in Sheffield, England 1800's - 1900's and he was related to William Marples, owner of Hibernia Works in Sheffield, England. I believe he was William's uncle and a competitor in the tool business.

Haven't found HD Marples but obviously associated with Robert Marples. Unusual to find this history about Marples tools and family.

The screwdriver below has the hermit logo

3) JB Addis
James Bacon Addis was awarded a medal at the Great exhibition in 1951. This was stamped on the tool see below. He went on to win medals in 1862, 1870 & 1871. He commonly stamped these dates on his chisels. This suggest this chisel was made between 1851 and 1862. The large lettering and fancy script also suggest early manufacture. See this article for a history of Addis tools Gary P. Laroff, old tools archive 2006


  1. Would the Addis chisel be for sale?

  2. Hi John Thanks for the interest. It is not for sale at the moment. I am considering where it would be best located to preserve it.(I did find it in the refuse recycling depot shop, so don't want it to end up there again). I would be interested in what you think its value is though as I had just read Chris Storb's article and it is pretty unique.
    Cheers Barry

    1. Do you have an email address?

    2. Hi Barry, checking back to see if by chance you would sell the Addis chisel.
      Thanks John

  3. Hi,
    I have a lovely old toothing plane still in excellent condition with a blade stamped W.STALEY. Still very usable.
    Mark Harman Furniture

  4. I've just acquired a W. STALEY goose neck chisel, didn't know it was that old

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