Thursday, August 23, 2012

G Wostenholm & Son Sharpening Steel

George Wostenholm and Son were manufacturers of table knives and forks, pen, pocket, and sportsman's knives, and general dealers in cutlery in Sheffield during the 1800's.
The Tilt website has a history of George Wostenholm.
They were famous for the l*XL brand of knives. There is a lot of information and discussion on the knives (see British blades forum There was little information on the sharpening steel.
Here are detail photos of a steel.

The steel looks and feels smooth, however there are actually
very fine markings on the blade
Fine pitting from rust on the tip

The original hook appears to have broken off
and been replaced with an eye hook. The end
looks plastic, possibly bakelite. It is definitely not wood

The wooden handle has various marks, scratches and dents