Monday, October 28, 2013

Hatchets and axes

Axes hatchets Featured

1) AW Wills
2) Estwing hatchet
3) Elwell

1) A W Wills

One reference has AW Wills from Wolverhampton. It was later part of EVA Industries and they exported most of their output. 

A.W. Wills Tool Poster  from

There was a reference to AW Wills at the Chillington Tool Works (from

The relevant section reads "In 1953 the company produced plantation hoes, bars and forks; shovels, spades, axes and other edge tools. Chillington and its associated companies became the largest group of edge tool makers in the world, exporting most of their products. The associated companies, the EVA Industries Group of Companies, were Edward Elwell Limited of Wednesbury, A.W. Wills & Son Limited of Wolverhampton, John Yates & Company Limited of Wolverhampton, and the Pheonix Shovel Company Limited of Cradley Heath".

Here are the photos. Overall length 300mm, cutting edge 70mm, hatchet height 120mm

Note the open hand logo from the poster

2) Estwing Hatchet

3) Elwell
There is a history of Elwell edge tools at this site A history of Wednesbury. Wednesbury was a major indutrial area and Elwell was a majorsite in the area.

Most Elwell axes only had the name. This  has the 2 faces trademark