Friday, November 24, 2017

Austin Seven Tools & Tool Kit

Austin Seven

Tools & Tool Kit

These were loose tools found with an Austin 7

See this link Austin Spare part Catalogues for descriptions of what else was in the tool kit.
This is a link for making a tool roll for an Austin tool kit Making a tool roll

These pictures will document the variations found in the tools supplied.

1) Tools found ,
Tyre Lever (Dunlop)
4in Adjustable Spanners (King Dick)
Open ender spanners (3 variations)
Valve lifter
Hub cap & Steering column socket spanner

 2) Austin Open ender spanners (Marked VWB)

3) Austin Open Ender Spanners (Marked A S&S W)

 3) Austin open ender (No makers marks or sizes)
      Font is less styilised than the first 2 sets, possibly an earlier spanner

4) Hub cap & Steering column socket spanner
    No makers marks found on this

5) Valve lifter

6) 4in Adjustable spanner (King Dick) 2 of these with variations in the markings
     a) King Dick on the head of the adjstable jaw

b) King Dick on the shaft of the adjustable jaw and a number on the body

7) Tyre Lever (Dunlop)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Indian Motorcycles - tools

1) Indian Motorcycles - Ring Spanner
Hendee MFG. Co

This ring spanner is marked
"Indian Motorcycles"
"Hendee MFG. Co"

Hendee Manufacturing Co was the original name and changed in 1928 to Indian Motorcycles. This suggest the spanner is pre 1928

No size markings
Measurements (measured)
19/32in (14.5mm) - Matches 5/16W spanner
27/32in (21mm)    - Matches 7/16W spanner