Monday, February 24, 2014

Charles Taylor Chisels - Screw brand

Charles Taylor Chisels - Screw Brand

1) 5/8in Firmer chisel with label

Cutting edge
 Brass Ferrule
 Handle head
Blade Markings -
Charles Taylor's,
Sheffield Tools Ltd
 Blade marking back side
Cast Steel
Handle label
 Top part of label

Friday, February 21, 2014

John Rabone & Sons, folding rule, Boiler makers

John Rabone and Sons, Birmingham made folding rules.

Some were particularly specialised. This one maybe a boilermakers rule (scale for copper furnaces)

This is labelled
"John Rabone & Sons Birmingham"

It is not numbered.
It does however have some unusual scales

1)  Copper Furnaces
Top, Sides, LTC B, Galls

2) Flat Iron
per Foot
by 1/4in Thick
Also Square iron per foot

3) Round
per foot

4) CWT

Has sliding vernier measuring in inches