Sunday, January 9, 2011

Elastrator - The cringe factor

What will bring tears to the eyes of grown men - Follow on with what this tool will do. I recommend the video clip.

The elastrator -  a device for the castration and docking of livestock.

The whole device has a surgical look to it, bright chrome finish, enough to make you shiver.
Visit for a description of the process.

Here it is though
The elastrator - with rubber rings

Ring applied to the prongs

Ring pulled open by the four prongs. The 2 bottom one are pulled down by the centre post

The centre post is marked Elastrator and on the reverse side Made in New Zealand

Now for the real gem The video clip: enjoy


  1. Oh I shouldn't laugh but honestly what were you doing putting that thing on your finger! Great video :)

  2. Yes, the cringe factor is very high!