Friday, May 3, 2013

Terry Tools

Terry Tools - Made in England

Terry were a manufacturer of accessories of all types of cycles and motor cycles.

There is a copy of a Terry catalogue at Terry Catalogue

Here are samples of Terry products

1) Terry Steel Tyre levers

This is the catalogue information

What did they actually look like

No 735 Spring steel Tyre levers, set of 3, cycle & motor cycle

Actual sizes
Cycle -                                       Motorcycle -
length 4&1/2in                           5&1/2in
Upstand 1&1/4in                        1&1/2in
thickness 3/32in                          5/32in

The motor cycle had "Terry"while the cycle had "Terry's"

It was consistant for the set - Motor cycle

Found another pair of motorcycle levers (same measurements) but had a different style of name stamp [Terry's Made in England] in a box


2) Terry Magneto spanner BA series
BA is short for British Association screw threads which were small screw threads. Wikipedia has a good description see link BA threads

Here is the catologue information

The actual tool looks like this

Spanner set is clearly marked "Terry"s RgNo673876 Spanners"

Each spanner is marked with BA size the smallest being 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the largest.
The 6, 7, 8, are marked on the reverse side to the 1-5

The larger three , 6 (smallest of the three), 7 and 8 (largest)

The only other mark is "Made in England"

It also come with screwdriver

and feeler gauge

Found this one in the remants of its original box
Label reads No 905 Magneto Spanner
Left side                Middle                     Right  side
???the                  (symbol)                    Includes 01?
??eaved               (hand holding coil)    Feeler Guage
??gneto                Ilam Brand                    and
??ner set                                                 Screwdriver

Label Reads
?????Terry & Sons Ltd

picture of spanners

 Label Reads
????? in England by
????bert ?????

3) Terry Tappet spanner

These came in 0BA 1BA and 2BA 3BA

This one is 4BA & 6BA

 4) Terry Whitworth spanners

There was no picture of these in the cycle/motorcycle catalogue.
May be a motor car spanner. Sizes are 7/16 whit, 3/8 whit, 5/16 whit and 1/4 whit.
Other marks were "Terry's Reco No526515 spanners, Tempered steel". This was stamped on the top and back spanner suggesting the set was only these four spanners.
Overall length 5inches (130mm). The pivot bolt does not look original

5) Overhead Valve spring compressor

Here is the catologue information

Here is the actual tool
Note no holes in the handle.
Length 9in frame
Screw length 6&1/2in
Maximum opening 7&1/2in

Note square cut thread mentioned in catologue
Registered Number mentioned in catologue

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  1. Barry,
    Welcome back to posting. I have tried to locate you for a few years but your 2014 email address seems to have been turned off. I was afraid you were affected by the Christchurch earthquakes. Please contact me regarding the carving tool you brought to my attention at that time. Three more of them have come up.
    Gary Laroff