Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sheep Shears / garden shears

With the decline of hand blade shearing, sheep shears have been used as garden shears. There are numerous brands, Below Are:
Ball Bros,
Burgon & Ball
John Guy,
Ward & Payne No38AS,

Will add more as I come across them

Shears can be 2 piece blade riveted together or single piece blade

1) Ball Bros, Success in a sword
Sheffield England

2) Burgon & Ball
Patent No 294
Made in England
Hind's Patent
Double Hollow ground

3) TUS Shears or UTS, No1
Sheffield Made in England

Found a 2nd pair which had TUS on one blade and
Burgon & Ball Ld Sheffield, Made in England on second blade

4) John Guy & Co Ltd

Sheffield England

5) Ward & Payne No 38 AS
Marks "W [crossed hammers over anvil] P No 38 AS"
This is the second one I found. This has the WP mark clearer, crossed hammer indistinct though

6) Wm Marples &Sons

7) GT Skelton & Co

8) Disston, Porter, 2C7A

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