Sunday, September 9, 2012

Leather working tools

I recently acquired the estate tools from a leather working business.

Some of these I am not familiar with

1) Adjustable creaser
It is used to enhance the edges of plain straps etc. It creates parallel lines inside borders of decorative work. Adjusts from a fine line to heavy lines

The only markings was a "2"

When the thumb screw is screwed in the jaws open


 3) Trim knife
 Makers marks "Irwin, 900, USA"

The curved edge of this trim knife cuts more aggressively than a standard edge. The downward point can get into areas other knives cannot.
 Makers marks
"A (shoe symbol) Geo Barnley & Sons, Sheffield Eng, 1"



6) DividersNo makers marks

 A copper washer  is at the base of the wing nut


7) Maun Revolving head punch

9) Footprint wide jaw pliers

Jaws are parrallel when closed
Makers marks are
"(Footprint symbol) Footprint, Made in England"

10) Maun Wad punch

11) Edge Tool - Barnsley

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