Monday, December 28, 2015

Early Shifting spanners, Wynn Timmin, Webmore

Early Shifting spanners
1) Wynn Timmin
2) Webmore

1) Wynn Timmin

2) Webmore (1948) &Co
Webmore Camp Lane Works, Kings Norton, Birmingham 30 (1n 1955). Maker of TV aerials.
In 1964, Webmore Co Ltd, High Street Works, Astwood Bank, Redditch, Worcs.

Note -
Had 2 of these and the name stamping was on the left side for one and the right side for the other 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Addis Brand tools

1) JB Addis

James Bacon Addis was awarded a medal at the Great exhibition in 1851. This was stamped on the tool see below. He went on to win medals in 1862, 1870 & 1871. He commonly stamped these dates on his chisels. This suggest this chisel was made between 1851 and 1862. The large lettering and fancy script also suggest early manufacture. See this article for a history of Addis tools Gary P. Laroff, old tools archive 2006

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Underground petrol tanks - Toby Cover lids

These covered the valves/access points for the underground petrol tanks

Heavy cast items with the owners names cast in them
Size 9in diameter (235mm)  

1) BP

Size 9in diameter (235mm)

The wording around the edge. Reads "Property of the British Petroleum Co of NZ Ltd"

The BP in a shield close up
 There is a number "1" stamped above the top of the shield

The underside has a supporting X for strength

Monday, February 24, 2014

Charles Taylor Chisels - Screw brand

Charles Taylor Chisels - Screw Brand

1) 5/8in Firmer chisel with label

Cutting edge
 Brass Ferrule
 Handle head
Blade Markings -
Charles Taylor's,
Sheffield Tools Ltd
 Blade marking back side
Cast Steel
Handle label
 Top part of label

Friday, February 21, 2014

John Rabone & Sons, folding rule, Boiler makers

John Rabone and Sons, Birmingham made folding rules.

Some were particularly specialised. This one maybe a boilermakers rule (scale for copper furnaces)

This is labelled
"John Rabone & Sons Birmingham"

It is not numbered.
It does however have some unusual scales

1)  Copper Furnaces
Top, Sides, LTC B, Galls

2) Flat Iron
per Foot
by 1/4in Thick
Also Square iron per foot

3) Round
per foot

4) CWT

Has sliding vernier measuring in inches

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hatchets and axes

A W Wills

One reference has AW Wills from Wolverhampton. It was later part of EVA Industries and they exported most of their output. 

A.W. Wills Tool Poster  from

There was a reference to AW Wills at the Chillington Tool Works (from

The relevant section reads "In 1953 the company produced plantation hoes, bars and forks; shovels, spades, axes and other edge tools. Chillington and its associated companies became the largest group of edge tool makers in the world, exporting most of their products. The associated companies, the EVA Industries Group of Companies, were Edward Elwell Limited of Wednesbury, A.W. Wills & Son Limited of Wolverhampton, John Yates & Company Limited of Wolverhampton, and the Pheonix Shovel Company Limited of Cradley Heath".

Here are the photos. Overall length 300mm, cutting edge 70mm, hatchet height 120mm


Note the open hand logo from the poster


Estwing Hatchet